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Every month I spend $10,000-$12,000 on article ghostwriters. No joke.

Let me tell you, there are A LOT of crappy writers out there.

The problem is... these days, anyone looking to make a little cash online can call themselves a "professional ghostwriter".

This is bad news for you...

Because sites like Elance and RentACoder are FLOODED with half-rate writers trying to bamboozle you and steal your money (and time).

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A couple of years ago, I took all my knowledge on how to find the best ghostwriters and put it into a report. Only my customers who bought my $297 info-product got to read it.

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Over the years, I developed a process for finding great ghostwriters at affordable prices -- not using the usual tactics or sources like Elance or RentACoder. In fact, contrary to what most 'experts' tell you...

Elance is the LAST place you want to find ghostwriters!

You'll understand why once you read the report. Whether you are into affiliate marketing, mini-sites, PPC or social marketing, you need good content. This report shows you how to get it. It's only 11-pages but filled with meaty secrets.

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  • An (already proven to work) ad you can steal to attract the best writers -- starting today!
  • 5 critical elements every ad you place looking for freelancers must have (Get this wrong and you'll be doomed with low quality writers.)
  • The one thing you must never, ever do with new ghostwriters -- Ignore this rule and you're begging to be ripped off.
  • How to save up to 20% on your next ghostwriting project -- ask your ghostwriter this one simple question and immediately get them to slash their prices without sacrificing quality.
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Why am I giving you all this good stuff?

It's simple... odds are you have yet to try one of my products. I'd like the opportunity to prove to you how effective -- and profitable -- my software and ideas really are. Hopefully, you will be impressed and willing to take a look at my other products.

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Jason Potash 

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